About us

Lozells Community Initiative is registered as a charity with Charity Commission of England and Wales, to support those who are disadvantaged in our society by providing comprehensive guidance and training to excel as individuals and families. The projects and initiatives that our organisation strives to implement are based on the primary objective to develop the capacity and skills of members of socially and economically disadvantaged ethnic minority communities in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. We build and harness links with other charity and community development organisations, academic institutions and businesses, working in collaboration to help people in need.


Our projects are focused on Strengthening Communities and our objectives are:


  • To empower and engage local people living in the Lozells area of Birmingham to become active citizens.
  • To engage local people into volunteering actions to enable them to make positive contributions to their local communities.
  • To encourage local people to share their passions and skills with people who need to engage in meaningful activity and redevelop their social skills.
  • To build the skills and knowledge of the people involved in our organization who are the Management Committee, Volunteers and well wishers who give support to our organization.
  • To recruit local people from the wider community in the Lozells area who want to do community volunteering work.

The Best Features

Since 2008 we have been serving the community of Birmingham, we have made significant contribution to poverty alleviation and social welfare through innovative and sustainable projects. We have grown over the last few years, supported by the local community and grants awarded to us, to become the organisation that the people of our community required. We aim to continue with the support we provide and grow stronger with our community. 


Lozells Community initiatives

Six Ways Business Centre

1 Guildford Street


B19 2HN

email: info@lozellscommunityinitiatives.org.uk

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