Future Projects

Future Projects

Community Cleanup scheduled throughout the year


Calling citizens to get actively involved with street cleaning and improving the local neighbourhood that they live in. This is a great concern in our wards and we invite members of the community to come forward and take an avtive role in creating a safer cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

Helping elderly members of the community to come out of isolation


There are still large numbers of elderly members of our community that are isolated and living lonley lives. We feel it is our responsibility to reach out and break this isolation. We aim to have tea/coffee clubs where they can come and share time with us and enjoy moments. 

Feeding the Homeless across Birmingham


How much we can do will depend on your support, we all know that this is still a mojor problem in Birmingham where we are still seeing people sleeping on the streets. With no support network they are vunerable. We aim to distrbute bags of food with our volunteers so that we can help. 

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Tel: 0330 120 0805

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